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Industrial Exoskeletons in Russia and the World: Production, Market and Forecast

Número de páginas: 85 Número de tablas: 5 El número de cifras: 50
Informe Idioma: Russian
Liberado: 06.09.2019
Forma de presentación:

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This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment


This report is the first edition of market research on industrial exoskeletons in Russia and the world.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the current state of the market of industrial exoskeletons of the Russian Federation and in the world.

The object of study are industrial exoskeletons.

Chronological scope of the study: 2011-2019

Research geography: Russian Federation - a comprehensive detailed analysis of the market, other countries - a brief review.

The difference between this work and the studies currently presented on the Russian market is the analysis of promising R&D on exoskeletons.

This work is a desk study. As sources of information, data were used by the Federal State Statistics Service of the Russian Federation (Rosstat), the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation, EGISU R&D, industry and regional press, as well as the websites of manufacturers and consumers of industrial exoskeletons. In addition, while working on the report, telephone and written interviews were conducted with market participants.


Research volume: the report consists of 8 parts, contains 85 pages, including 5 tables, 50 figures, 2 appendices.

The first chapter of the report provides basic historical information about the development and production of industrial exoskeletons.

The second chapter of the report discusses the classification of industrial exoskeletons.

The third chapter assesses the production of industrial exoskeletons in the world in 2015-2018.

The fourth chapter of the report is devoted to developments in the field of industrial exoskeletons in Russia in 2011-2019.

The fifth chapter presents a SWOT analysis of the Russian industry of industrial exoskeletons for 2019.

The sixth chapter discusses industrial enterprises that are actively interested in using exoskeletons in 2017-2019.

The seventh chapter is devoted to the import of industrial exoskeletons in 2015-2019.

The eighth chapter sets out the forecast of exoskeleton consumption in Russia until 2030.

Appendix 1 provides contact information for Russian exoskeleton developers.

Appendix 2 provides a list of used scientific literature.


The target audience of the study:

- market participants in industrial exoskeletons in Russia - researchers, developers, manufacturers, consumers, traders;

- potential investors.


The proposed study claims the role of a reference guide for specialists making managerial decisions working in the market of industrial exoskeletons.





1. General information on industrial exoskeletons


2. Classification of industrial exoskeletons


3. World manufacturers of industrial exoskeletons in 2014-2019.

3.1. Production of passive industrial exoskeletons in 2014-2019

Comau S.p.A. (Italy)

Ekso Bionics Holding Inc. (USA)

Gobio Robot (France)

Laevo B.V. (Netherlands)

Levitate Technologies Inc. (USA)

Lockheed Martin (USA)

Noonee AG (Switzerland)

Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA (Germany)

Samsung (South Korea)

Skelex (Netherlands)

StrongArm Technologies, Inc. (USA)

suitX (USA)

3.2. Production of active industrial exoskeletons in 2014-2019

Atoun Inc. (Japan)

Bioservo Technologies AB (Sweden)

Cyberdyne Inc. (Japan)

Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (South Korea)

German Bionic Systems GmbH (Germany)

Sarcos Robotics (USA)


4. Development of industrial exoskeletons in Russia in 2011-2019.

JSC Concern "Kalashnikov" (Izhevsk)

Research Institute of Mechanics, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov

Useful Robots LLC (Skolkovo)

Central Research Institute of RTK (St. Petersburg)


Exo Rice LLC (Perm)

Southwestern State University (Kursk)


5. SWOT analysis of the Russian industry of industrial exoskeletons for 2019


6. Russian consumers of industrial exoskeletons in 2017-2019.


7. Import of industrial exoskeletons in 2019


8. Forecast of consumption of industrial exoskeletons in Russia until 2030


Appendix 1. Addresses of Russian enterprises

Appendix 2. List of sources used

Table 1: Key parameters of 4 suitX exoskeleton models (US Bionics)

Table 2: Main technical specifications of Atoun model Y and Atoun model A exoskeletons

Table 3: SWOT analysis of the Russian industry of industrial exoskeletons

Table 4: Purchases of industrial exoskeletons in the Russian Federation in 2017-2019

Table 5: Importation of suitX exoskeletons from US Bionics Inc. (USA) in the first half of 2019

Figure 1: Exterior view of Sarcos Robotics Guardian XO exoskeleton

Figure 2: Appearance of the Army Warrior Exoskeleton

Figure 3: Hardiman exoskeleton developed by General Electric (USA) in 1965.

Figure 4: Exterior view of the Comau MATE exoskeleton

Figure 5: Application of the MATE exoskeleton in a machine-building enterprise

Figure 6: Diagram of the exso skeleton of Ekso Vest by Ekso Bionics

Figure 7: Application of the Ekso Vest Exoskeleton at Ford Automobile Plant

Figure 8: SkelEx IP12 Exoskeleton Application in Grinding

Figure 9: Application of SkelEx IP12 exoskeleton in welding

Figure 10: Application of the SkelEx IP12 exoskeleton in electrical work

Figure 11: Key elements of the passive exoskeleton of Laevo V2

Figure 12: Application of the Laevo exoskeleton in a large tire stock

Figure 13: Appearance of Levitate Technologies Airframe Exoskeleton

Figure 14: Application of an Airframe exoskeleton in a car assembly plant

Figure 15: Appearance of Lockheed Martin's FORTIS exoskeleton

Figure 16: Use of FORTIS exoskeleton in grinding work

Figure 17: Exterior View of Noonee Chairless Chair Exoskeleton

Figure 18: Use of the Chairless Chair exoskeleton in a factory floor

Figure 19: Use of the Chairless Chair exoskeleton in an Audi assembly plant

Figure 20: Ottobock Paexo Shoulder Exoskeleton Appearance

Figure 21: Use of the Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton in car assembly

Figure 22: Application of the Paexo Shoulder exoskeleton in yacht construction

Figure 23: Appearance of Samsung's GEMS-H Exoskeleton

Figure 24: Exterior view of Skelex 360 Skelex exoskeleton

Figure 25: Stock of new Skelex 360 exoskeletons

Figure 26: Exterior view of the ErgoSkeleton FL exoskeleton from StrongArm Technologies

Figure 27: Using the ErgoSkeleton FL exoskeleton when carrying parcel boxes

Figure 28: Electromyography data for lumbar muscle using backX exoskeletons

Figure 29: Application of the backX exoskeleton during installation

Figure 30: Use of the shoulderX exoskeleton in auto-assembly operations

Figure 31: Application of the legX exoskeleton for assembly work

Figure 32: Application of the exoskeletal complex MAX during installation

Figure 33: Three modes of using Atoun's Atoun model Y exoskeleton

Figure 34: Comparison of the kinematics of exoskeletons of Atoun model A and Atoun model As

Figure 35: Atoun model A exoskeleton operating modes

Figure 36: NININ Brand Intelligent Assist Chair

Figure 37: Appearance of Bioservo Technologies Ironhand® Glove Exoskeleton

Figure 38: Cyberdyne HAL Exoskeleton Prototype

Figure 39: Use of the HAL-LB03 exoskeleton for carrying boxes

Figure 40: Exterior view of the DSME exoskeleton

Figure 41: Appearance of the Cray X exoskeleton by German Bionic Systems

Figure 42: Typical movements using the Cray X exoskeleton

Figure 43: Sarcos Robotics Guardian XO Heavy Exoskeleton Appearance

Figure 44: Appearance of a passive exoskeleton of Kalashnikov Concern JSC

Figure 45: A man in a passive exoskeleton of the Research Institute of Mechanics of Moscow State University with a load of 100 kg

Figure 46: Appearance of ExoChair exoskeleton by Useful Robots LLC

Figure 47: Passive exoskeleton of "Stakhanov" of the company Exo Rice LLC

Figure 48: ExoHeaver Exoskeleton developed by South Ural State University

Figure 49: Forecast of consumption of industrial exoskeletons in Russia for 2020-2030, million rubles

Figure 50: Consumption pattern of industrial exoskeletons in 2025 (forecast)


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