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3D-printers for polymer materials in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

Número de páginas: 95 Número de tablas: 20 El número de cifras: 32
Informe Idioma: Russian
Liberado: 12.12.2016
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This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment


This report is the first publication of market research 3D printers for plastics.


The purpose of research – analysis of the Russian market of 3D printers for polymer materials.

The object of the study are the only 3D printers for polymer materials (similar devices for metals, ceramics and composite materials left outside of this report).

This work is a Desk study. As information sources, we used data of scientific, sectoral and regional press, annual and quarterly reports of emitters of securities, Internet-sites of incisions and hardware manufacturers.

The chronological scope of the study: 2006-2016, forecast for 2017-2022.

Geography research: Russian Federation.


The report consists of 3 sections, contains 93 pages, including 20 tables, 32 figures and 3 appendices.

The first Chapter is given information about the production of 3D printers for polymer materials in Russia since 2010, and summarizes information about the level of production in 2016 Selectively indicate the level of localization of production in individual enterprises.

The second Chapter presents data on the imports of finished printers and spare parts for domestic Assembly plants. Provided a breakdown of imports by countries, companies and brands (trademarks).

The third Chapter describes consumption of printers in 2006-2016, as domestic production and imports. The consumption forecast for 2017-2022.

The Appendix contains the list of the Russian manufacturers of 3D printers for polymer materials, the Russian consumer 3D printers for polymer materials, and given help toxicity and safety of 3D printing polymer materials.


Target audience research:

- the market for 3D printers in Russia and the CIS countries – producers, consumers, traders;

- potential investors.


The proposed study claims the role of reference guide for professionals taking management decisions, working in this market.





1. Production of 3D printers for polymer materials in Russia in 2010-2016

LLC "NPP "MIS" (Zelenograd)

LLC "Irvine"/LLC "Intellectual technologies" (Moscow)

Yip Laptev, I. A. (Moscow)

JSC "Moscow plant equipment trading" (Moscow)

SP Kozenko Michael Y. (Volgograd)

JSC "Center of technological competence of additive technologies" (Voronezh)

LLC "Unimate"/OOO "Unitech" (Ufa)

LLC "Dadzhet" (Moscow)

LLC "Imprit" (Krasnoyarsk)

LLC "Exclusive decision" (Saint-Petersburg)

LLC "MTBOT" (Moscow)


2. Import 3D printers for polymer materials in 2006-2016

2.1. Import ready printers 2006-2016

2.2. The import of components for printers in 2006-2016


3. The consumption of 3D printers for polymer materials in Russia

3.1. Apparent consumption in 2006-2016

3.2. Forecast consumption per 2017-2022


Appendix 1: Addresses of domestic producers of 3D printers

Appendix 2: Addresses of domestic consumer 3D printers

Appendix 3: Toxicity and safety of 3D printers for polymer materials

Table 1: Volume of the Assembly of 3D printers in Russia in 2016.

Table 2: Main specifications of the printer PICASO Designer Pro 250

Table 3: Products of FE Laptev, I. A. (Moscow) under the brand 3Dquality

Table 4: Main characteristics of the printer MZ3D-256

Table 5: Features 4 printer models of the brand "Master kit"

Table 6: specifications printer RussianDLP and StarLight 3D

Table 7: Dynamics of import of ready-made 3D printers for polymer materials in 2006-2016, pieces., t, thousand $

Table 8: Dynamics of average prices of domestic and imported industrial printers in 2006-2016, thousand $ apiece

Table 9: the geography of the countries of origin of the imported 3D printers in 2006-2016.

Table 10: Foreign manufacturers of 3D printers for polymer materials market 2006-2016.

Table 11: import Structure of 3D printers by brands in 2006-2016.

Table 12: Import of basic types of printers in 2006-2016.

Table 13: import Volumes of 3D printers are Russian legal entities in 2006-2016.

Table 14: Top 10 legal entities according to the number imported in 2006-2016 printers.

Table 15: Top 10 legal entities on the total cost of imported 2006-2016 printers thousand $

Table 16: Indicators of the imports of 3D printers to individuals in 2011-2016.

Table 17: Main characteristics of the imported printers in 2016, kg, $, mm, µm, mm/s

Table 18: Nomenclature of import of components for 3D printers in 2011-2016, thousand $

Table 19: Examples of consumers/users of 3D printers for polymer materials in Russia in 2016

Table 20: Expert assessment of parks of 3D printers in Russia at the end of 2016, thousand pieces.

Figure 1: Dynamics of production of 3D printers (including the Assembly of imported components) in Russia in 2010-2016.

Figure 2: Regional distribution of Assembly capacity of 3D printers in Russia in 2016, %

Figure 3: Structure of production in Russia of printers on the technology used in the 2016 %

Figure 4: Appearance of the printer PICASO Designer Pro 250

Figure 5: Appearance of the printer Magnum Creative 2 PRO

Figure 6: Appearance of the printer Prism Uni

Figure 7: Appearance of the printer Pro V2 Prism

Figure 8: Appearance of the printer MZ3D-256

Figure 9: Appearance of the printer VolgoBot FFF1.4

Figure 10: Fragment of the mechanical part of the printer VolgoBot FFF1.4

Figure 11: Appearance of the printer "alpha"

Figure 12: Appearance of the printer Uniq Bot

Figure 13: Appearance of the printer MC3 Stealth

Figure 14: Appearance of the printer MC5 D. R. O. V. A

Figure 15: Appearance of the printer "3D MC3 Master"

Figure 16: Appearance of the printer MC2

Figure 17: Appearance of the printer MC7

Figure 18: External view of printer Hercules Strong

Figure 19: Appearance of the printer RussianDLP

Figure 20: Appearance of StarLight 3D printer

Figure 21: Printer Prusa I3 Steel

Figure 22: Appearance of the printer Bizon Prusa I3 Steel

Figure 23: Percentage of household 3D printers for polymer materials imports in 2006-2016

Figure 24: Share of U.S. imports, Germany and China in 2006-2016, %

Figure 25: Top 10 major foreign manufacturers of 3D printers for the Russian market.

Figure 27: Regional location of the importers (legal entities) the amount of import for 2006-2016, % of units

Figure 28: Dynamics of imports of components in comparison with imports of the finished printers in 2006-2016, $

Figure 29: Dynamics of imports of components in 2006-2016, kg

Figure 30: Apparent consumption of imported and domestic printers in 2006-2016.

Figure 31: Exterior view of a 3D handle

Figure 32: Forecast of consumption of imported and domestic 3D printers for polymer materials in 2017-2022.


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