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Review of modern technologies track the movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation depots

Número de páginas: 118 Número de tablas: 16 El número de cifras: 21
Informe Idioma: Russian
Liberado: 15.01.2015
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This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.


This report is the first edition of the analysis of modern technologies for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

Market monitoring conducted since 2001.

The purpose of the study - a generalization of the world experience telematics control movement of vehicles (dump trucks, excavators and forklifts) for open-pit mining and transportation of coal to the warehouse.

The objects of study are advanced technology vehicles moving at an open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

This work is a desk research. As information sources, we used data of scientific and technical information, annual and quarterly reports of companies, as well as the websites of manufacturers and consumers of technology monitoring movement of dump trucks.

Chronological framework of the study: 2000-2013 and 1-3 rd quarters of 2014.

Geography of research: the Russian Federation - a comprehensive detailed analysis of the market; rest of the world - general information.

The report consists of 7 Sections, contains 118 pages, including 21 Figures, 16 Tables and 1 app.


In the first chapter the basic modern technologies for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

The second chapter describes the features of modern technologies for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

In the third chapter covered the compatibility of technologies for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse with other software.

Chapter 4 summarizes information about the hardware of modern technology for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

The fifth chapter provides information on the cost parameters monitoring technologies movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

The sixth chapter is given the basic domestic and foreign suppliers of equipment and major components of modern technologies for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

Finally seven chapter, the conclusions are given a number of recommendations for the implementation of modern technologies for monitoring movement of vehicles in open coal mining and transportation to the warehouse.

Attached please find the address book of the mentioned companies.


The target audience of the research:

- Market participants dumpers on articulated frame - producers, consumers, traders;

- Potential investors.

The proposed study claims the role of a handbook for professionals to make managerial decisions, working in this market.



Introduction. A brief history of tracking systems for mining equipment


1. The basic technology for tracking the movements of vehicles in open pit

1.1. Satellite navigation based on GLONASS

1.2. Cellular mobile communication

1.3. Hybrid technology


2. Opportunities tracking systems for mining equipment

2.1. Tracking weight transported coal

2.2. State driver


3. The potential compatibility of telematic systems of production automation in coal mining


4. Equipment Required

4.1. Load cells

4.2. Communication Cables

4.3. Trackers


5. The cost of equipment, technology implementation, maintenance work


6. The main producers and suppliers of equipment (Russian Federation and foreign)

6.1. The main domestic suppliers

6.1.1. "Geostar Navigation" (Moscow)

6.1.2. "Navis" (Moscow)

6.1.3. "Izhevsk Radio" (Izhevsk)

6.1.4. "M2M Telematics" (Moscow)

6.1.4. "Navigation and Information Systems" (Moscow)

6.1.5. "RIRT" (St. Petersburg)

6.1.6. NIIMA "Progress" (Moscow)

6.1.7. "VIST Group" (Moscow)

6.1.8. "Soyuztehkom" (Moscow)

6.1.9. "MAT-Service" (Moscow)

6.1.10. "Highly Intelligent Business Systems" (Moscow)

6.1.11. "NIIFI" (Penza)

6.2. Foreign suppliers

6.2.1. Wenco (Canada, Japan)

6.2.2. Modular Mining Systems (USA)

6.2.3. VEI Group (Italy)

6.2.3. Outset Srl. (Italy)

6.2.4. Prolec (England)

6.2.5. "Technoton" (Belarus)

6.2.6. "Hurt" / "Vialon" (Belarus)




Application. Contact the leading companies

Table 1: Performance of dump trucks BelAZ and Katerpilla

Table 2: Characteristics of the pressure sensor R8AR (number in the State Register of SR: 41944-09)

Table 3: Comparison of weighing (net weight) to the truck with the help of on-board systems and stationary truck scales "Scat-100" 11 July 2014.

Table 4: Specifications fuel level sensor LLS 20230

Table 5: Electrical parameters intrinsically safe sensor LLS 20230

Table 6: Cost of the popular equipment in September 2014

Table 7: Options estimates for the installation of a tracking system of "VIBS"

Table 8: Major producers of basic modules GLONASS and basic models

Table 9: Parameters navigation receivers GEOS type produced by "CB" Geostar Navigation "

Table 10: Main parameters of receivers such as BNP-M production of "Izhevsk Radio"

Table 11: Two variants of equipment for data collection CJSC "MPT-Service"

Table 12: Key elements of the weighing system Dumper Load

Table 13: Specifications of load cells Lanx HD

Table 14: Characteristics of the weighing system Weightloader ADT

Table 15: Main characteristics of sensors GNOM DDE company "Technoton"

Table 16: Known mining companies, which introduced a system of tracking quarry equipment

Figure 1: General scheme tracking system for mining operations in the 1990s

Figure 2: Schematic of hybrid technology location tracking object

Figure 3: Diagram of a tracking system for mining truck with the use of satellite navigation

Figure 4: Geographical spread units MC "Kuzbasskrarezugol"

Figure 5: View of a pressure sensor for measuring the weight R8AR coal in the bucket front loader

Figure 6: The fuel gauge LLS 20230

Figure 7: Temperature stability indications fuel level sensor LLS 20230

Figure 8: Wiring the sensor LLS 20230 PC

Figure 9: Navigation chipset JSC "NAVIS"

Figure 10: Appearance RIRT Autotrack

Figure 11: The appearance of the onboard controller RMS-02

Figure 12: Diagram of tracking systems Dumpers JSC "Soyuztehkom"

Figure 13: Appearance workmeter

Figure 14: Location of sensors on Dumpers

Figure 15: Support Options Ltd. "VIBS"

Figure 16: Appearance own navigation server for satellite vehicle tracking LLC "VIBS"

Figure 17: The monitoring system of mass in the body dump truck Dumper Load

Figure 18: Appearance of the device LanxWL

Figure 19: Appearance of the load cell GNOM DDE for trucks produced by "Technoton"

Figure 20: Wiring the sensor "Technoton"

Figure 21: Example of schedule control over cargo truck


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