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Bunkering Market Research in the Far East of Russia

Número de páginas: 72 Número de tablas: 15 El número de cifras: 6
Informe Idioma: Russian
Liberado: 15.04.2014
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This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.


The report is devoted to research of Russian market of bunkering in the Far East . The report consists of an introduction, seven chapters, a conclusion and a single application, contains 72 pages , including 15 tables and 10 figures . This work is a desk study . As sources , we used data of Rosstat, Federal Customs Service of Russia , scientific and technical literature , industry , regional and international press , as well as web -sites of company - bunkering service providers .

The first chapter is devoted to the study of the main ways to bunkering . In particular, it focuses on bunkering berths in the port waters and on the roads, as well as typical tricks during bunkering . Given the volume of bunkering for 2010-2013 , and describes two scenarios of market development for 2014-2020

In the second chapter of the report presents the main bunkering company , starting with specialized units such giants as "Gazprom" and "Rosneft" and ending with representatives of medium-sized businesses .

The third chapter is devoted to the review of the main ports where bunkering .

The fourth chapter discusses the types of marine fuel . Gives details of the international standards for marine fuel oil and diesel fuel , as well as combined with their Russian technical regulations .

In the fifth chapter, subject to review legislation pertaining to the bunkers. Separately investigated the state customs . Environmental , antitrust laws and fire .

The sixth chapter describes the principles of pricing , including the problem of VAT and export duties .

In the seventh chapter shows the main types of vessels bunkering and given information about the largest specialized courts in the Far East .

In conclusion argued prospects bunkering market in the Far East .

Appendix contains addresses major firms.





1. Description bunkering market in the Far East

1.1. Basic ways bunkering

1.1.1. On the quays

1.1.2. In the port waters

1.1.3. On the roads

1.1.4. Tricks bunkering

1.2. Volumes bunkering

1.2.1. Dynamics of the last 3 years

1.2.2. Growth prospects


2. Core of bunkering , their volumes bunkering market share, navy ships bunkering in FE

2.1. LLC " Gazprom Neft Marine Bunker "

2.2. OJSC "Oil Company" Rosneft "

2.3. "LUKOIL- Bunker"

2.4. "Group " Transit -DV "

2.5. OJSC "Oil Company " Alliance "

2.6. JSC " Transneft- Service"

2.7. LLC " Bunkering TransOilBunker "

2.8. LLC " Shipping company " Pavin "

2.9. "Transbunker "


3 . Main Russian ports and oil depots , bunkering vessels in FE

3.1. Port "Eastern

3.2. Port "Vladivostok"

3.3. Port " Busan "

3.4. Spetsmornefteport "Kozmino"


4 . Main fuels used for bunkering in FE

4.1. international standard

4.2. RF standards


5 . Bases of the legislation governing the market of bunkering

5.1. customs laws

5.2. environmental Requirements

5.3. antitrust laws

5.4 . fire safety

5.5. State supervisory bodies


6. Pricing principles bunkering ports in the Far East

6.1. VAT

6.2. Export duties

6.3 . Excise


7. Main types of vessels bunker used in the Far East




Appendix: Contact information of major firms

Table 1: Ranking the most high-risk and disadvantaged settlements bunkering ships in 2010-2014

Table 2: Composition bunkerovochnogoflota of "Alliance - Bunker" as of March 2014

Table 3: Characteristics of its own vessels , LLC " Pavin " in March 2014

Table 4: Specialty Far subsidiaries OOO "Holding company" Transbunker " , Moscow

Table 5 : Major transshipment complexes of marine fuel in the Far East in 2012

Table 6: Throughput of "Oriental Port " in 2010-2012 , kt

Table 7: Financial performance of the port "Kozmino" in 2009-2013 , bln.

Table 8: Characteristics of marine fuel oil on the international standard ISO 8217:2012

Table 9: Characteristics of diesel fuel on the international standard ISO 8217 : 2012

Table 10 : Classification of petroleum fuels (Class F) GOST 28577.0-90

Table 11: Performance requirements for marine fuels by the technical regulations of the Customs Union

Table 12 : Prices of the main types of bunker fuel in the major ports of the world in March 2014 $ /

Table 13: Prices of fuel in the ports of the Far East 09/04/2013 and 03/18/2014 $ /

Table 14: The main types of bunkering vessels used in the Far East in 2013

Table 15 : Characteristics of large vessels bunkering ( deadweight of over 5.0 tons) associated with bunkering of the Far East in 2014

Figure 1: The volume of bunkering in the Far East in 2010-2013 and forecast for 2014-2020, mln t

Figure 2: The main companies in the market of bunkering Far East in 2014

Figure 3: Implementation of the Marine Fuels LLC "Neft Marine Bunker" in 2009-2013, mln t

Figure 4: Implementation of marine fuel "RN-Bunker" in 2009-2013, mln t

Figure 5: Crude oil exports through the port "Kozmino" in 2010, 2014. million tons

Figure 6: Dynamics of prices for diesel fuel and fuel oil in the Far East from 10 November 2013 to 17 March 2014, $ / t


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