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Starch (native and modified) in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

Número de páginas: 30 Número de tablas: 4 El número de cifras: 4
Informe Idioma: Russian
Liberado: 28.08.2020
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This review is based on a study of the Russian starch market (native and modified).

The market has been monitored since 2015.

The purpose of the study is to analyze the Russian starch market.

The objects of research are starch (native and modified) and prices for it.

This work is a desk study. The sources of information were data from Rosstat, customs statistics of the Russian Federation, industry and regional press, internet sites of starch producers.

Chronological scope of the study: 2015-2019;

Geography of research: Russian Federation.

The review consists of 3 parts, contains 27 pages, including 4 tables, 4 figures and 1 appendix.


The first chapter of the review provides data on the volumes and dynamics of starch production (native and modified) in Russia. The regional structure of the production of this product is presented.

The second chapter is devoted to the description of the current state of the Russian enterprises producing starch products, the chapter provides information on the range of their products.

The third chapter of the review contains information on prices for starch from Russian producers. The section examines the dynamics of average import prices for various types of starch. Prices for various brands of imported starch (native and modified) are given.


Target audience of the study:

- starch market participants - producers, consumers, traders;

- potential investors.


The proposed study claims to be a reference tool for marketing services and decision-makers working in the starch market.





1. Production of starch in Russia in 2015-2020.


2. The current state of Russian starch producers

LLC "Kargil" (Tula region)

LLC "Amilko" (Rostov region)

LLC "ASTON Starch - Products" (Ryazan region)

LLC "KZ" Gulkevichsky "(Krasnodar Territory)

JSC KhP "Krakhmaloprodukt" (Tambov region)

LLC "Zvyaginsky starch plant" (Oryol region)

LLC "KZ" Kabardinsky "(Kabardino-Balkarian Republic)

JSC "Chaplyginsky starch plant" (Lipetsk region)

LLC "ND-Technik" (Stavropol Territory)


3. Review of starch prices

3.1 Prices of Russian producers for starch in 2015-2019

3.2 Prices for imported starch in Russia in 2015-2019




Appendix: Contact information for starch producers

Table 1: Average monthly prices of Russian producers for starch (except for modified starch) in 2015-2019, rubles / ton

Table 2: Average annual import prices for native starches in the Russian Federation in 2015-2019, $ / t

Table 3: Average annual import prices for various brands of native starches in the Russian Federation in 2019, $ / t

Table 4: Average annual import prices for various brands of modified starches in the Russian Federation in 2019, $ / t

Figure 1: Dynamics of Russian starch production in 2015-2019, thousand tons

Figure 2: Regional structure of Russian production of natural starch in 2019,%

Figure 3: Dynamics of average monthly prices of Russian producers for starch (except for modified starch) in 2015-2019, rubles / ton

Figure 4: Dynamics of average annual import prices for native starches in the Russian Federation in 2015-2019, $ / t


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