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Aluminium- and Iron-Containing Wastes as Potential Resources for Coagulant Production in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

Número de páginas: 52 Número de tablas: 9 El número de cifras: 10
Informe Idioma: Russian
Liberado: 30.06.2010
Forma de presentación:

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Precio: 1 800 Euro
This report is currently available in Russian language only. However, we can provide an English version of the report within 3 weeks after receiving a payment.
The report is devoted to investigation of aluminium- and iron-containing wastes in Russia and potential of their utilization in production of coagulants.
The report consists of 4 Sections, contains 52 pages, including 10 Figures, 9 Tables and Appendix.
Methodologically the research was implemented by 2 stages: "desk" studies and "field" activity. At the first stage, many information sources were analysed, first of all, data of state bodies – Federal Service of State Statistics of Russia (FSSS), Federal Customs Service of Russia (FCS of Russia), Russian domestic railage statistics. Besides, we used data of sectoral and regional print press, annual and quarterly reports of companies, scientific-technical literature, as well as web-sites of company-producers.
At the second stage, the summarized and analyzed data were verified and corrected by the way of telephone interviews with specialists of the involved enterprises. Possible suppliers of the wastes and several potential interested partners were found.
The introduction provides brief characteristics of aluminium- and iron-containing coagulants: list of products, methods of obtaining and application.
The first Section of the report presents description of aluminium-containing wastes. The Section describes kinds and characteristics of the wastes, processes of their processing (including to obtain coagulants), potential suppliers.
The second Section of the report is devoted to iron-containing wastes, their generation, processing and potential suppliers
The third Section of the report presents data on consumers of the wastes, first of all, producers of coagulants.
The fourth Section of the report presents forecast of development of Russian market of aluminium- and iron-containing wastes up to 2015.
The Appendix presents addresses and contact information on company-potential suppliers of the wastes.
I. Aluminium-containing wastes
I.1. Volumes of generation and utilization of aluminium-containing chemical wastes at Russian enterprises
I.1.1. Processing of dead catalysts
I.1.2. Processing of casting slags
I.1.3. Processing of slime from alumina production
I.1.4. Processing of mineral component of coal
I.1.5. Other kinds of aluminium-containing wastes
I.2. Potential suppliers of aluminium-containing wastes for production of coagulants (volumes, prices)
I.2.1. Suppliers of slimes from alumina production
I.2.2. Suppliers of dead catalysts
I.2.3. Suppliers of slags from secondary aluminium smelting
II. Iron-containing wastes
II.1. Volumes of generation and utilization of iron-containing chemical wastes at Russian enterprises
II.1.1. Iron-containing wastes of titanium dioxide production (iron vitriol)
II.1.2. Pickling solutions (chloride and sulfate) of steelmaking enterprises
II.1.3. Solutions from galvanized steel productions of SteelWorks
II.1.4. Dead iron-containing catalysts from enterprises of organic chemistry
II.2. Potential suppliers of iron-containing wastes for production of coagulants (volumes, prices)
II.2.1. Steelmaking and steel-rolling enterprises
II.2.2. Chemical and petrochemical enterprises, having dead iron-containing catalysts
III. Russian consumers of aluminium- and iron-containing wastes
III.1. Producers of coagulants
III.2. Other
IV. Conclusions and forecast of development of market of aluminium- and iron-containing wastes
Appendix: Contact data of producers
Table 1: Aluminium-containing coagulants
Table 2: Characteristics of aluminium-containing wastes
Table 3: Estimate of volumes of slime generation at alumina-producing enterprises in 2009
Table 4. Production of secondary aluminium alloys by basic producers, kt
Table 5: Fields of application of iron-containing catalysts
Table 6: Volume of consumption of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids by Russian SteelWorks in 2009, kt
Table 7: Main performance data of operating hot-dip galvanising facilities in Russia
Table 8: Estimate of supplies of iron-containing catalysts to Russian companiesя in 2009, t
Table 9: Production of iron-containing of coagulants in Russia by company in 2005-2009, kt
Figure 1: Process flow diagram of dead hydrocleaning catalyst processing
Figure 2: Process flow diagram of casting slag processing
Figure 3: Process flow diagram of complex processing of red slimes of Middle Timan bauxites
Figure 4: Process flow diagram of complex processing of Moscow Region coals
Figure 5 Process flow diagram of ilmenite concentrate processing to obtain titanium dioxide and iron vitriol by sulfate method
Figure 6: Facility for chloride solution regeneration with large reactor of design of firm Ruthner-Nordac Aman
Figure 7: Process flow diagram of cleaning chloride iron-containing ventilation effluents
Figure 8: Process flow diagram of vitriol facility
Figure 9: Process flow diagram of recycling acidic iron-containing solutions from pickling plants
Figure 10: Dynamics of production aluminium - and iron-containing of coagulants in Russia in 2002-2009, kt

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