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27 November 2023
Company news
On November 21, General Director of INFOMINE Igor Petrov presented a report “The market for raw materials for non-ferrous metallurgy - are Russian enterprises provided with it”
20 November 2023
Company news
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our company, we received congratulations from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.
13 November 2023
Company news
According to tradition, the next anniversary of the company was marked by a collective trip.
27 October 2023
Company news
General Director of the company Igor Petrov gave an interview to the Prometal information portal, where he summed up the results of Infomine’s activities over 30 years and spoke about the features of research work in the past and present
27 October 2023
Company's news. We are 30 years old!
On November 1, 2023, our company turns 30 years old.
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Company news

20 November 2020

INFOMINE Research Group Ltd. has confirmed its accreditation with the Development Bank of Kazakhstan (DBK).

The company is included in the register of external evaluators of commercial (marketing) development of investment projects for the following types of economic activities:

OKED 05 – “Coal and Lignite Mining”;

OKED 07 - "Mining of metal ores"

OKED 08 - "Other branches of the mining industry"

OKED 09 - "Technical services in the mining industry"

OKED 19 - "Production of coke and refined products"

OKED 20 - "Production of chemical products"

OKED 22 - "Manufacture of rubber and plastic products"

OKED 23 - "Production of other non-metallic mineral products"

OKED 24 - "Metallurgical Industry"

OKED 25 - "Production of finished metal products, except for machinery and equipment"

OKED 27 - "Manufacture of electrical equipment"

OKED 28 - "Manufacture of machinery and equipment not included in other categories"


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November 2023

Feldspar in Russia and the EAEU countries: Production, Market and Forecast (13 edition)

November 2023

Ferrotitanium in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (4 edition)

November 2023

Directory of mineral reserves and mining of mineral raw materials in African countries

December 2023

Magnesium Chloride (Bishofitе) in Russia, the EAEU and the world: Production, Market and Forecast (6 edition)

December 2023

Rolled Stainless Steel in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast

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