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25 March 2021
Participation in the conference
General Director of the company Dr. Igor Petrov took part in the Metallurgical Summit-2021, held on March 18, 2021 in Yekaterinburg (organized by ENSO) and presented the report “Raw materials...
22 March 2021
Participation in the conference
Head of the Department of Chemical Products Markets Mrs. Olga Voloshina took part in the International Conference "Sulfur and Sulfuric Acid" held on March 12, 2021 in Moscow (organized by...
09 March 2021
Company news
General Director of the company Igor Petrov gave an author's commentary for the business newspaper “Kursiv” in the article “Why Tungsten Mining Does Not Start in the Karaganda...
05 February 2021
Articles of our employees
The journal "Polymer materials" (No. 2, 2021) published an article by the head of the department Olga Voloshina (in collaboration with Lola Ogrel) " Russian market of PVC pipes and...
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Vladimir Troitskiy

Financial director

Doctor of Science (Engineering)

Courteous with any clients. 
Please call us and speak to him – and you will want to start collaboration with us…

Education: Graduated from Moscow Steel and Alloys Institute (Department of Nonferrous and Rare Metals and Alloys), 
Lomonosov Moscow State University (MGU, Department of Computing Mathematics and Cybernetics),
postgraduate studies in All-Russian Institute of Mineral Resources (VIMS).

Professional activity in field of marketing researches – above 20 years

The main interests are connected with marketing researches of industrial minerals.  

Author of above 30 publications in Russian and foreign media

La principal línea de investigación

Wood Fuel Pellets in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (2nd edition) 05/2019 2000 Euro


Troitskiy V. V. Russian gypsum germination // Industrial Minerals, December 2003.
Troitskiy V. V. Russian Fluorspar // Industrial Minerals, October 2003.
Petrov I. M., Troitsky V. V., Magazannik D. V., Popova O. A. "Cyanide Gold: Problems and Prospects // New Markets, 2002, №4.


Salen pronto

April 2021

Proppants in Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (7th edition)

April 2021

Lithium and Lithium Compounds in the world and Russia: Production, Market and Forecast (3rd edition)

April 2021

Direct Reduced Iron (DRI/HBI) in Russia and world: Production, Market and Forecast (3rd edition)

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